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Optovue OCT & OCTA Innovations – Symposium at ESCRS 2017

ESCRS Satellite Symposium OCT & OCTA Innovations: Discover the New Gold Standard

Moderator: Rufino Silva, MD, PhD Sunday, 08 October 2017, 1:00-2:00PM

Total Cornea Power and AngioVue OCTA are Fundamental to My Refractive Practice

Erik Mertens, MD

The Impact of Epithelial Thickness Mapping (ETM) in Corneal Refractive Surgery

Prof. Dan Z Reinstein, MD

Quantification of Ocular Structure and Vasculature with AngioVue: Redefining Detection and Monitoring of


Kaweh Mansouri, MD

AngioVueHD and 3D PAR: A Huge Leap Forward in Facilitating Imaging of Retinal Pathologies

Rufino Silva, MD, PhD

Unleashing the Power of Your OCT System -

Tips from an Imaging Expert

Adil El Maftouhi, OD