Brumaba Caddy ChairBrumaba Caddy Chair



Use it as a chair, a patient table or for transport… and more

Category :Examination & Minor Procedure Chair
Brand :Brumaba

Versatile functionality in one product


The extreme versatility of the space-saving CADDY alone already offers you many advantages. But there is more: This high-quality all-round talent by brumaba offers you the highest quality in terms of technology, material and ease of operation, which you are not likely to find in this unique combination in similar products:


Convincing as a whole and in parts


With the brumaba CADDY, you have the opportunity to bring a product of the highest medical standards into your practice or clinic. Design, integrated technology and a wide range of application scenarios will immediately convince you. The high value of the features speaks for itself:




A robust framework made of solid stainless steel.
Various patient positions in one product: Chair position, lying position, chaise longue position and Trendelenburg position.
The armrests are automatically adjusted to the patient’s position; they can also be folded up if necessary.
Two solid steering handles at the top edge of the backrest for effortless, precise steering manoeuvres.
Comfortable padding in an ultra-modern design and hygienic finish.
Physiologically beneficial patient surface made of beech wood veneer panels.
Well-designed, easy-roll castors with brakes and steering function.




Additional information


Length (sitting position) : 960 mm
Length (lying position) : 1.900 mm
Height (sitting position) : 1.440 mm
Height (lying position) : 560 mm
Width : 660 mm
Net weight : 65 kg
Max. patient weight : 180 kg

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