Dia E1000 Series MF Patternless Lens Edgers


Dia E1000 Series MF Patternless Lens Edgers


State-of-the-art vertical wheel technology with 3D lens sensor and high definition large color touch-screen graphic interface enable more accurate, faster and more reliable jobs on any style, material and power of lenses.

Category :Edging Solution
Brand :Dia Optical


5″ x 7” Color touch-screen graphic interfaces
Built-in 60 job memory is standard
Both the trace and process data are available to be stored and recalled within 60 jobs.
A small 18mm high lens with bevel, 16mm rimless lenses
Advanced re-edge and finish options!
Did you forget to polish, chamfer or groove the lens? You can still do it even if the lens was unblocked and data lost. Simply put a block on the lens anywhere and press the CHECK button on the touch screen, the E1000’s 3D Lens Sensor will measure the shape, thickness, curve and size of the lens-edge in the accuracy of 0.01mm and transfer those data to the re-edge program of computer.

No other edger is capable of offering these useful time saving options!

E1000 always memorizes the process data of the past 20 jobs automatically and such data is automatically searched any time even after other jobs were performed.

Multi-width grooving and safety-beveling (E1000-GP, E1000-GP2)
Simple, durable arm grooves and safety-bevels. Simple adjustments for depth and width. Concurrent grooving and finishing with poly-carbonate and Trivex lenses.
E1000 Edgers utilize an industrial motor and more aggressive wheels to achieve significantly faster result.

Flexible, axis-indexing lens blocks and chucks
allow faster processing and perfect axis on a wide range of lenses.
Simply Layout the lens-shape sample lens. E1000’s with proper PD and MRP on sensor traces it to make the main screen then start the lens-shape data edging.

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