Meridian Microruptor 6 Nd:YAG LASER


Meridian Microruptor 6 Nd:YAG LASER


The MICRORUPTOR 6 Nd:YAG laser with triple aiming beam and excellent optics, based on the original CSO slit lamp SL 9800 (Zeiss type) or SL 9900 (Haag-Streit type) with integrated 5 times magnification changer (6, 3x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x). Perfect and precise for superior results and efficiency.

Category :Lasers
Brand :Meridian


The unique combination with a motorised ergo­nomic table and easy to understand operating controls ensures the highest convenience for both patient and doctor.

The CSO slit lamp SL 9800 or SL 9900 of the MICRORUPTOR 6 offers full insight into the Retina and thus a thorough peripheral examination. Retinal treatment is possible in combination with the Meridian yellow or green photocoagular 6 or which can be coupled onto the MICRORUPTOR 6 to a complete treatment system.

The unit is space-saving and can be ordered on a base plate which allows handy transportability and use on almost any table. The endurable construction reduces the need for maintenance. The triple aiming beam allows highly accurate focussing and treatment. This beam can be adjusted easily for brightness. It can even be set in a rotating mode if desired. The user friendly display shows all necessary laser parameters for safe patient treatment.

The MICRORUPTOR 6 is available in two versions:

■ MICRORUPTOR 6 with CSO slit lamp SL 9800 (Zeiss type)
■ MICRORUPTOR 6 with CSO slit lamp SL 9900 (Haag-Streit type)

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