Oertli® OS4 for Cataract, Glaucoma and Vitreoretinal Surgery


Oertli® OS4 for Cataract, Glaucoma and Vitreoretinal Surgery


HDC Operating Surface
HDC has tremendously increased the functionality of Direct Access®! Simple and user-friendly, the graphic operating surface provides supreme operational safety: it allows the surgeon to obtain relevant information quickly, intervene intuitively, and to master the function within seconds. The HDC philosophy ensures that there is no confusion resulting from superfluous signals and menu navigation delays.

Category :Phacoemulsification Vitrectomy System
Brand :Oertli


HDC in Bipolar Technology
HDC achieves extremely fine and directly controlled doses of RF energy, perfectly designed for tested and proven applications of bipolar technology from micro haemostasis on the retina to tissue separation in capsulotomy and glaucoma surgery. Tips with cleverly thought-out geometry and choice of material make bipolar diathermy to the true instrument of precision.

RF capsulotomy guarantees safety in difficult cases
RF capsulotomy melts the capsule bag without any tearing with forceps or needles, but by gently sliding over the tissue, even underneath the iris. Thus, RF capsulotomy has proven itself in innumerable difficult cases since 1991, not only when safely correcting rhexis that have got out of control but also in targeted approaches such as.

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