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Maintenance of Moria Motors & Turbines

Motor Maintenance - What Creates Maximum Performance?

The right skills in the right hands …

The performance of your motor or turbine is not only based on the manufacturing process; but also on MORIA expertize and the care and maintenance performed by the user.

Know the experts …

• More than 70% of all Moria parts are manufactured by Moria or exclusive to Moria.

• To be sure your motors are in full compliance with Moria standards, entrust your servicing to only Moria certified experts. Moria does NOT train independent technicians to service Moria motors and turbines.

• Who to trust? MORIA distributors are certified and trained on servicing your Moria Microkeratome System. Why risk having your Moria surgical equipment serviced by anyone else?

Make sure your servicing is done by ONLY Moria certified experts !

• Independent service technicians are NOT trained and certified Moria experts.

• Most replacement parts used by independent service technicians are NOT original Moria parts, but are used/recycled parts.

• The risk of using these parts (used by independent service technicians) are unknown.

• Repairs performed by independent service technicians may lead to permanent damage to the motor or turbine.

Make sure your servicing is done by ONLY Moria certified experts !

• The performance of your motor or turbine may not be optimal and can lead to unexpected cuts.


• You may not be compliant with medical standards, hospital certifications, local/national regulations and Insurance requirements.


• Moria will not be responsible for servicing (or replacing) a motor previously serviced by an unauthorized service technicians.

sk your Moria distributor about our annual service plan.

• On-site service of your console,

• Regular check-up visits and staff training (cleaning, handling and maintenance)

• Annual service of the Motors by Moria,

• The loan of motors during the service time (to prevent postponing any cases).