Charops CRK-7000 AutoRef/ Keratometer


Charops CRK-7000 AutoRef/ Keratometer


Wider Measurment Range. CRK-7000 provides more diagnostic information and superior performance with wide possible range of refraction and keratometry measurements.

Category :Auto Refractor / Keratometer
Brand :Huvitz

CLBC(Contact Lens Base Curvature). Measuring the base curvature of contact lens is useful in fitting contact lens patients.
PD(Pupiiary Distance). PO is automatically measured after checking both eyes. It saves your valuable time.
VD(Vertex Distance).VD selection fuction(O, 12. 13.5. 15mmj offers more accurate measurement data.
Pupil and Iris Size Measurement. CRK-7000 can measure the size of pupil, cornea and iris under 14mm in diameter by freezing the image.

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