CORONET Donor Corneal Trephine Vacuum Punch


CORONET Donor Corneal Trephine Vacuum Punch


The CORONET™ Donor Corneal Trephine Vacuum Punch has been specifically designed to deliver a reliable and consistent vertical incision, providing improved wound architecture and reduced endothelium cell loss.

The free rotating corneal trephine features exclusive CORONET™ Cathedral Blade Technology, creating an ultra-thin and sharp blade in order to minimise undercut and tissue distortion.

Category :Corneal Trephine Systems
Brand :Network Medical


A complete donor graft preparation system suitable for PK, DALK and DSAEK/DSEK surgery
Sharp, clean cutting action requires minimal downward pressure to complete the cut
Ultra-sharp and thin blade produces a vertical cut that improves approximation between the donor button and patient cornea
Patent protected 360˚ graft visualisation windows, for increased accuracy
Double sided Cathedral blade will not retain graft button once cut
Anatomically shaped bowl to gently support the tissue and aid centralisation
Marker holes to reduce risk of bubble formation
Unique base provides a stable platform which can be easily held in place during donor preparation
Biocompatible and optically non refractive trephine blade
Supplied with protective dust cover, to shield graft from contamination during transfer


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