Crystalvue FundusVue


Crystalvue FundusVue


FundusVue is the most essential diagnosis instrument for ophthalmologists to inspect and record the patients’ retina. With FundusVue non-mydriatic nature, the patients un-comfortableness can be minimized during diagnosis process. FundusVue provides vivid color retina image as an aid to clinicians for diagnosis of eyes.

Category :Fundus Camera
Brand :CrystalVue





With soft LED illumination and high-sensitivity CCD sensor design, FundusVue offers comfortableness to patients while taking retina images.




FundusVue camera weighs only 2 Kg and can be carried easily. Its light-weighted design makes it suitable for field applications than the fundus most existing fundus camera products in the market.




User-friendly operating interface is designed for FundusVue tailor-made software, user can operate it easily. The retina images can be transmitted through internet or stored in portable storage devices by medical professionals.




FundusVue provides the best retina image with the most affordable pricing than other fundus camera products in the field.

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