Excelsius Micron M7 Excimer Refractive Laser

Micron M7Micron M7

Excelsius Micron M7 Excimer Refractive Laser


Compact laser workstation

The Micron M7 is designed for maximum patient comfort.

Integrated optics design for precision and predictability.

Designed for cost-efficiency and low gas consumption.

Category :Lasers
Brand :Excelsius




Revolution Revolutionary: The first excimer laser in refractive surgery to deliver the laser using a flexible hand piece.

Virtual Laser BladeVirtual Laser Blade: Flexible design allows for superior quality without the need for traditional eye tracker assistance.

Precision Precision: A dynamic laser beam delivery that harmonizes with the eye where ablation with eye movement becomes a standard and not a compensation.

parallel Scanning Laser Delivery Parallel Scanning Laser Delivery: Revolutionary parallel scanning laser delivery for precision at the edge of the cornea.

Dynamic Harmonization with eye movement Dynamic Harmonization with eye movement: The surgery apparatus and eye is harmonized with contact and aided by eye pupil monitoring.

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Laser Type : ArF excimer laser, 193 nm, < 3 W, class 4
Green diode laser for fixation, 532 nm, < 1 mW, class 2
Red line laser for focusing, 652 nm, < 1 mW, class 2

Fluence : 90-180 mJ/cm² at corneal plane

Repetition rate : 600 Hz

Spot size : 0,75 mm * 0,65 mm (FWHM); 0,5mm²

Ablation method : Random and parallel scanning, fractal projection

Pulse length : < 8 ns

Cooling : Air cooled

Treatment zones : 3-8 mm (optical zone)

Input voltage : 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Input current : 7 A

Dimensions : 1980 mm (L) * 830 mm (W) * 1720 mm (H)

Weight : 380 kg

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