Grand Seiko WAM-5500 Binocular Autoref/Keratometer

Grand Seiko WAM-5500Grand Seiko WAM-5500

Grand Seiko WAM-5500 Binocular Autoref/Keratometer


The Grand Seiko WAM-5500 Binocular Autoref/Keratometer can measure refraction and pupil diameter simultaneously.

It also has the ability to dynamically measure accommodation making it ideal for pediatrics and research applications.

Category :Auto Refractor / Keratometer
Brand :Grand Seiko




A.M. Mode:

An advanced function to measure pupil constriction to more objectively measure accommodation

Measures both eyes, providing a more natural viewing condition and eliminating instrument induced myopia.

Easier measurement with open view window allows you to choose a target that best suits your patients such as toys or cartoons for children

Improved Hi Speed Mode allows the connection to a PC using our dedicated software WCS-1 to measure the SE Value and pupil diameter at 6Hz

On screen indication of Spherical Equivalent

Measurement can be made easily with patients with contacts, glasses or IOLs

Data Output in the form of Video or through a RS-232C interface to our dedicated software

Easy mode change

MDC-1 Static Measurement Software

Improved operations and measurement capability on IOL subjects

Ability to freeze images for assessment of measurement reliability

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