Heine Loupelight 2Heine Loupelight 2



Brighter. Lighter. Improved functionality.

Category :Examination & Surgical Lights
Brand :Heine

Most trusted by dentists and ENT specialists: The combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance as high quality illumination with LED HQ maximises the image quality of the loupe. For a perfect view and a precise diagnosis, the LoupeLight 2 is now 25% brighter than its predecessor model, with a homogeneous edge-to-edge illumination of typ. 55,000 lux. For intensive use, the LoupeLight 2 now features a replaceable connecting cord which connects the device to the mPack mini – the new and compact power source for the LoupeLight 2.

  • mPack mini. Smaller. Lighter. USB charging. 9 hours operating time.
  • Replaceable high quality connection cord
  • Shadow free
  • 55,000 lux
  • Aluminium housing
  • i-View loupe mount with flip-up function
  • Optional Polarisation Filter System

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