Huvitz HCP-7000 Chart Projector


Huvitz HCP-7000 Chart Projector


Chart projector with semi-permanent LED light source

Category :Vision Testing Products
Brand :Huvitz


Various Chart

The HCP-7000 and CCP-3100 with 41 chart including Red/Green and polarizing filters are the new solution for Binocular balance test, Stereo test, Aniseikonia test, Fusion Test.

Semi-permanent lifetime LED light source

Brighter and clearer

Attractive Design

Attractive Streamlined Shape and Blue Indicator

Additional information


Chart : 41 charts 34 masks, Red/Green & Polarization Filters
Projection Distance : 2.5~8m
Chart Rotation Speed : Average 0.15 sec
Projection Magnificiation : 30 x at 5m
Power Saving : Power Saving Automatic Switch off( 10min )
Program : 2 programs with a maximum of 30 charts each
Tilt Angle : 15。
Power Supply : 100-120v 50Hz : 0.6A, 200-240V 60Hz : 0.3A
Lamp : LED 4W
Dimension : 270(W) x 182(D) x 230(H)mm
Weight : 3.44kg

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