Huvitz HOM-700 Operating Microscope

Huvitz HOM-700Huvitz HOM-700

Huvitz HOM-700 Operating Microscope


Beyond expectations, performance always starts with excellent optical performance. 

Reliable lens quality, high resolution images, and ergonomic design are all focused on for successful surgery. 

Red Reflex Illuminators designed with optimal brightness and angle for ease of expression enable high contrast.

Category :Operating Surgical Microscope
Brand :Huvitz



Apochromatic optical system


Provides maximum field of view (FN 21mm), provides stereoscopic viewing with various magnification, deep 3D image with depth of focus, and easy to change magnification with acceleration / deceleration continuous zoom (6: 1).


Optimal Halogen Lighting System


HOM Halogen provides bright and uniform illumination, providing clear images, and built-in IR and UV cut-off filters to prevent excessive heat and ultraviolet rays, providing brilliant brightness retina reflections and optimized illumination.


Fine-tunable X, Y, Z axis units


The X, Y, and Z axis units of the swing arm provide precise operating range and can be monitored and controlled without regard to the sitting position of the Surgeon and the standing position. (X, Y, Z working distance: 50mm X 50mm X 50 mm)


Unmoved Suspension Stand


The precision bearing safety device and the swing arm designed with gas spring are all flexible for operation and control.


Convenient Foot Control Pedal


It is easy and easy to control light intensity, zoom magnification, focus adjustment and movement of X and Y axis of surgical microscope, and efficiency is improved, and layout of Foot Control Pedal can be easily changed through control panel.


Intuitive GUI Display


7 Inch Color TFT-LCD control panel can be rotated from + 180 ° to -135 ° depending on the position of surgeon and Assistance. Up to 4 user settings can be set according to individual characteristics.



Imaging System (Optional)

Optic (50% or 70%) and Camera (50% or 30%) function to divide the transmittance. It can be linked with external image device and it can output high quality image with HD camera.

* Beam Splitter, C-Mount, HOM Camera (Optional)

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