Huvitz HRK-7000 / 7000A Auto Ref/Keratometer

Huvitz HRK-7000AHuvitz HRK-7000A

Huvitz HRK-7000 / 7000A Auto Ref/Keratometer


To measure a human eye with ultra-precision, Huvitz Wavefront Technology can be the right answer.

Category :Auto Refractor / Keratometer
Brand :Huvitz



Optical System


HUVITZ’s own developed MICRO LENSLET ARRAY a number of separated focal spots, of which the pattern provides valuable information about customer’s ocular system.

Peripheral keratometry Measurement


HRK-7000 / HRK-7000A provides peripheral keratometry measurement data that can be greatly useful for fitting contact lenses


Graphical Display of Refraction Map


The graphical display of refraction errors enhances customers’ understanding and reliability.


Auto Tracking


The cutting edge auto sensing and 3 dimensional movement mechanism enable to track down a measuring focus of an eye automatically and complete the measurement.

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