Neitz BLS-2 Binocular Loupe

Neitz BLS-2Neitz BLS-2

Neitz BLS-2 Binocular Loupe


Galilean-Type  Binocular Loupe

Suitable for cardiovascular surgery

Category :Surgical Loupes
Brand :Neitz


The Galilean-type loupe is light and easy-to-use and possesses superior versatility.
Suitable for surgery performed under low to mid-level magnification.
The visual field is bright and can easily obtain 3D images.
Features superior operability, almost eliminating the need for “experience” when using the loupe.
Easy, individual adjustment of the pupil distance (47 – 74 mm)
Adjustable working distance.

It is constructed using two lenses: objective and ocular. Because of its simple structure, it is light and easy-to-handle, but aberrations do occur around the periphery of the view.

  • Beta titanium is an alloy of predominantly titanium, with small amounts of aluminum and vanadium. These other metals in the alloy make beta titanium frame more flexible than 100% titanium frame for easier fitting adjustments.
  • Beta titanium frames are available in four colors (red, blue, black and gold).

Additional information


Magnification: 2.0 – 2.5 x
Working Distance: 550 – 350 mm
Working Field Diameter: 113 – 58 mm
Pupil Distance: 47 – 74 mm
Weight: 88 g

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