Oertli® OS 4 for Cataract, Glaucoma and Vitreoretinal Surgery


Oertli® OS 4 for Cataract, Glaucoma and Vitreoretinal Surgery



The OS 4 surgical platform uses the laws of physics and fluidics to make eye surgery safer, easier and more efficient than it has ever been. The core piece of the device is the three-pump system with vacuum and flow control and the innovative SPEEPMode that ensures highly precise manoeuvres. All instruments are perfectly integrated into the system: cutting-edge LED technology provides for optimum visualisation, the continuous flow cutter ensures traction-free vitreous body removal, and, the fully integrated 532 nm endo laser opens up new possibilities in laser control. Making the difference – with the OS 4 by Oertli.

Category :Phacoemulsification Vitrectomy System
Brand :Oertli



The platform for all cases


The OS 4 by Oertli is a powerfully efficient all-in-one platform for cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery. As a versatile and user-specific OR device, the OS 4 works as the extended hand of the surgeon and carries out his orders and intuitions perfectly.


HDC in Bipolar Technology


HDC achieves extremely fine and directly controlled doses of RF energy, perfectly designed for tested and proven applications of bipolar technology from micro haemostasis on the retina to tissue separation in capsulotomy and glaucoma surgery. Tips with cleverly thought-out geometry and choice of material make bipolar diathermy to the true instrument of precision.


RF capsulotomy guarantees safety in difficult cases


RF capsulotomy melts the capsule bag without any tearing with forceps or needles, but by gently sliding over the tissue, even underneath the iris. Thus, RF capsulotomy has proven itself in innumerable difficult cases since 1991, not only when safely correcting rhexis that have got out of control but also in targeted approaches such as.

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