Optisurgical QuickRinse Instrument Rinse System

Quick RinseQuick Rinse

Optisurgical QuickRinse Instrument Rinse System


The QuickRinse® from Advanced Optisurgical Inc. is used to rinse Phaco and I/A handpieces, cannulas, vit cutters, reusable tubing and other instruments with lumen. Superior to a disposable syringe, the QuickRinse® provides consistent rinsing pressure and volume regardless of the operator, and eliminates ergonomic issues associated with repetitive syringe use.

Using the QuickRinse® also frees up your hands to perform other tasks, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of your  eprocessing

Category :Infection Control
Brand :Optisurgical


The QuickRinse® Instrument Rinse System automates your rinsing process.



Pushbutton Controls: Simple user interface consists of only two buttons located on the front panel

Multiple Operational Modes: Timed “auto” cycle (30 seconds) or manual control over cycle time

Foot Pedal (Optional): Offers hands-free operation (convenient for rinsing certain instruments)

Quick-Disconnect Fittings: Enable rapid refilling of the bottle

Storage Trays: Provide convenient location for nylon brush and accessory fittings

Colored Tubing: Aids in proper identification of tubing sets

Accessory Fittings and Attachments: Ensure a compatible connection between the QuickRinse® and your instrument or tube set


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