Optomed Smartscope PRO Handheld Imaging System

Optomed SmartscopeProOptomed SmartscopePro

Optomed Smartscope PRO Handheld Imaging System


Smartscope PRO is a portable and affordable professional´s choice at all locations, clinics or screening camps no matter how challenging your patients or location may be. Including image transfer using Wi-Fi.

Category :Fundus Camera
Brand :Optomed




Smartscope PRO camera


Optomed Smartscope® PRO is the next generation hand-held medical camera that provides high image quality which fulfills international ISO 10940 fundus camera standard requirements. Interchangeable modular optics make the camera even more versatile. The lightweight camera incorporates advanced technology in a portable design.

Smartscope PRO camera provides accurate and silent autofocus which makes image capturing quick and easy. The camera is also equipped with Wi-Fi for advanced image transfer to any PC or mobile device.

The Smartscope PRO comes with Patient Data Management software (sold separately) with full DICOM and PACS compliance to ensure seamless interoperability with hospital networks and practice management systems.


Retinal module EY4


Smartscope PRO camera with retinal module EY4 enables non-mydriatic eye fundus screening to detect the early signs of the most common retinal abnormalities, such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and AMD. High-quality images fulfill ISO 10940 fundus camera standard. Smartscope PRO is equipped with 9 internal fixation targets for peripheral imaging. Wi-Fi enables easy image transfer to any mobile device.

With the Slit Lamp Adapter the camera can be fitted to any Slit Lamp with patient head rest to bring more stationary setup at the doctor’s office.


Fluorescein angiography module


Smartscope PRO camera with Smartscope FA module is a perfect combination of Slit Lamp and hand-held mode providing high quality Fluorescein Angiograms with a wide 40 degrees field of view. 9 internal fixation targets enable peripheral imaging (total FOV 70 * 52 degrees). Smartscope FA is easy to operate and offers fast image capture ability and a detailed view of the entire fluorescein dye circulation dynamics.

With a special Slit Lamp Adapter Smartscope FA can be mounted to any Slit Lamp with patient head rest.

Eye Anterior module ES2


With attachable ES2 module the Optomed Smartscope PRO camera provides high resolution digital image data of anterior segment of the eye.

The cobalt blue LEDs allow fluorescent imaging to detect a dry eye or any cuts or punctures on the surface of the eye, cornea, pupil, or sclera. 6 x digital zoom provides a magnified image for viewing the details of the area of interest.




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