Optopol SOCT Copernicus REVO


Optopol SOCT Copernicus REVO



Our supreme experience in Spectral Domain OCT allows us to provide the market with an updated SOCT Copernicus REVO featuring next generation spectrometer offering noticeablely faster scaning speed and enhanced image quality across the hole scanning window. The updated SOCT Copernicus REVO meets all demands in daily routine practice.

Category :Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Brand :Optopol




All you have to do is to position the patient and press the START button to acquire examinations of both eyes. The device will make examination independently. Small system footprint, various operator and patient positions allow to install SOCT Copernicus REVO even in the smallest examination rooms. Variety of review and analysis tools gives the operator a choice of using it as a screening or as an advanced diagnostic device. The noise reduction technology provides the finest details proven to be important for early disease detection.


New Model 80 000 A-scan/seconds


The new REVO model with 80 000 A-scan/sec scanning speed reduce scan time and brings benefits for both clinicians and patients by reducing errors often caused by involuntary eye movements. Higher sensitivity spectrometer allows to visualize finer details.


The SOCT Copernicus REVO 60 000 and 80 000 A-scan/seconds is available now with the Angiography module.

OCT Angiography


This module allows visualization of the retinal microvasculature. Angiography SOCT is a non-invasive, dye-free technique providing 3D image of retinal blood circulation.

Software allows to observe, track and compare changes in the microvasculature of the retina in both eyes.

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