PlenOptika QuickSee Auto Refractor Wavefront Aberrometer

PlenOptika Quick SeePlenOptika Quick See

PlenOptika QuickSee Auto Refractor Wavefront Aberrometer


Binocular and open view: Reduces patient accommodation for more reliable measurements

Wavefront aberrometry: Provides the most comprehensive method to measure ocular aberrations and refractive errors

Dynamic measurements: Produces results with high confidence


Category :Handheld Autorefractor
Brand :PlenOptika



Unlike conventional autorefractors, QuickSee uses wavefront aberrometry to precisely determine low-order refractive errors, enabling highly accurate, objective measurements anywhere.


And because of its compact design and fast, accurate measurements, QuickSee can streamline your clinical workflow, declutter your practice environment, and improve your patients’ experience.


Its combination of the open view binocular design, wavefront aberrometry, and dynamic measurements produce clinically accurate autorefraction measurements, in a durable handheld format suitable for use in clinics and in the field.


Wavefront autorefraction powered by the patented PlenOptika Wavefront Refraction Engine™ performs continuous data analysis to precisely determine low-order refractive errors, makes QuickSee is as accurate as the high-end clinical desktop autorefractors and demonstrates excellent agreement with subjective refraction.


The technology inside QuickSee has been clinically-evaluated in five IRB-based studies and documented in five peer-reviewed publications and conference abstracts. QuickSee has FDA Class I 510(k) exempt medical device registration.


Additional information


Technology : Wavefront Aberrometry
Weight : 2.3 lbs (1kg)
Accommodation Control : Open View
Measuring Wavelength : 785 nm
Spherical Range : –10D to +12D, increments of 0.01D, 0.125D, 0.25D
Cylindrical Range : 0D – 6D, increments of 0.01D, 0.125D, 0.25D
Axial Range : 0-180º, increments of 1,2,10 degree
interpupillary Distance Range : 40 – 80 mm continuous
Device Dimensions : 11×6.5×3.25 in (28×16.5×8.25 cm) / 2.3lb (1kg)
Intended Patient Population : 5-85 years old
Dilation Required : None
Cyclopegic Requirements : None
Calibration Requirements : None
Office Illumination Requirements : Works in any illumination
Specialized Furniture Requirements : None
Storage/Transport : Travel hardshell case included
FDA Status : FDA Class I
Data Acquisition : Video
Pupil Size : 2 – 8mm
Laser Safety : Class I
Interfaces : Bluetooth, USB
Materials : This product is latex-free
Battery Specifications : 6–8 Hours of operation; 4 hours charge time (8 hours for initial charge)
Time per Measurement : 10 seconds

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