Reliance 7000 Premiere Exam/ Procedure Chair

Reliance 7000 Premiere Procedure ChairReliance 7000 Premiere Procedure Chair

Reliance 7000 Premiere Exam/ Procedure Chair


Built to last. Designed to love

The 7000 Premiere Collection exam and procedure chair brings retail style to Reliance durability. A reimagined, full-power examination chair, the 7000 Premiere Collection chair features unmatched craftsmanship and superior reliability to go with added patient comfort.

Design your own or choose from one of our four stunning color themes, and see your practice’s unique vision to life. All of our chairs come with a CSA, C/US Certificate of Compliance.

Category :ENT Treatment Unit,Examination & Minor Procedure Chair
Brand :Reliance Medical


Color Themes

The Premiere Collection’s four stunning color themes are inspired by the latest trends in retail and spa design, engineered to help create a heightened patient experience through a unique office aesthetic.

Woodland – Warm browns and sandy neutrals perfect for offices designed with woodgrain natural textures, plants and soft lighting.

Lucent – Warm and cool greys, soft naturals, and bold, modern hues add freshness and vibrancy to breezy, light-suffused spaces.

Harmony – Rich tones of chocolates and deep blue, accented with cool hues of taupe, grey and black work well with dark woods and natural stone.

Industrial – Cool grey tones punctuated with rich blacks for maximum impact. A modern warehouse aesthetic that works well with metals, wood and concrete.

The Premiere Collection is designed to deliver a more pleasant experience for all patients, and includes:

Heightened backrests

Longer, more rounded armrests that lock in place

Contoured seats with added padding

Convenient movements and functionality

Memory positioning switch enables pre-selection of the chair’s most used position

Dual controls for powered base and chair top functions

Finger switches or corded foot switch to raise, lower, or recline the chair

Square base

Headrest Options

Customize your chair with headrests that suit the types of exams and surgeries you perform

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