Rexon-Eye Dry Eye Treatment


Rexon-Eye Dry Eye Treatment


Rexon-Eye is the ultimate, non-invasive and durable treatment for all forms of dry eye. It works by applying low-power high-frequency electric fields, capable of stimulating the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells.
The principle of operation of Rexon-Eye is QMR®: Quantum Molecular Resonance. This technology delivers weak alternate electric current patterns at frequencies (spectrum of frequencies ranging from 4 MHz to 64 MHz) that are in resonance with tissue molecular bindings.

Category :Dry Eye Products
Brand :Resono Ophthalmic




Therapy consists in 4 treatment sessions of 20 min each, at one week interval.

Treatment is delivered by a contact electrode built in a mask, worn by patient over closed eyes.

Instrument set-up and use are very simple and intuitive.

Treatment is comfortable, pleasant and relaxing for the patient.




The Rexon-Eye therapy successfully works for all types of dry eyes, both evaporative as well as hypo-secretive.

Treatment results in immediate as well as long-term benefits for the patient, evidenced by subjective (OSDI questionnaire, use of tear substitutes) as well as objective measurements (e.g., TBUT, corneal staining, tear production).

Rexon-Eye’s efficacy in treating the dry eye syndrome is strongly clinically proven

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