SBM Sistemi ICP Ocular Surface Analyzer


SBM Sistemi ICP Ocular Surface Analyzer


The device I.C.P. OSA  allows a full assessment of the ocular surface through a combination of tests for dry eye diagnosis, from non invasive tear break up time to the tear layers production tests. It allows the automatic analysis of meibomian glands, as well as various measurements and classifications according to international grading scales.

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Brand :SBM Sistemi




I.C.P OSA is the new instrument of individual analysis of tear film that allows to do a quick detailed structural research of the tear composition. Research on all the layers:





Aqueous layer analysis


The aqueous layer is evaluated through the non invasive “Tear Meniscus” test, classifying it in different categories and possible issues related to this. The measurement (in mm) allows  the direct evaluation of this layer quantity, and it is comparable to the Schirmer’s Test with the difference that “Tear Meniscus” is without invasiveness and it does not take four minutes (only take a photo).


Mucous layer analysis


The stability of mucin layer and the whole tear film is measured through BUT or NIBUT, thanks the use of right grids that are projected on the cornea to evaluate (manually or automatically) the time when tear film breaks up.


Lipid layer


Through the “Interferometry” examination, the OSA can valuate the quantity and the quality of the lipid component on the tear film. It project an image that is comparated with the international grading scale of interferometry, in order to distinguish a pathologic dry eye from a border line eye or a healty eye.


System analyzes the images obtained through a sensitive infrared camera (NIR) in order to locate in a guided way

An exam valid both for the upper and the lower eyelid

Automatic percentage of the extension of meibomian glands in the chosen area, taken by the operator

Automatic percentage of the loss area of meibomian glands

If you prefer, instead of the automation it is possible to classify the exam done in degrees according to three different related grading scales

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