Smart Vision SVOne Autorefractor


Smart Vision SVOne Autorefractor



The SVOne Autorefractor is a compact and sophisticated tool built for the modern eye care professional. Powered by wavefront aberrometry, our autorefractor has high measurement accuracy and a wide refractive range.

Category :Handheld Autorefractor
Brand :Smart Vision





Open field design to relax accommodation

Soft, sanitizable eyecup fits more face shapes

Easy-to-read touchscreen display

Height-adjustable stand with charging station included


Wavefront Aberrometry

Capture Aberrations Unique to Each Eye

Zernike terms up to 5th order: trefoil, coma, spherical aberration and more

3D Heat Map

RMS and High-Order RMS (HORMS)





Shack-Hartmann grid – View spotfield readout in real time

Hands-free alignment – driven by machine learning algorithm

Shutter button – Want more control? Override auto capture with one click

Print results – Connect to any AirPlay printer for easy printing

Refraction history – View up to 4,000 saved refractions right on the device and unlimited storage on the cloud


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