Stereo Optical OPTEC PLUS Smart Vision Screener

Stereo Optical OPTEC-PLUSStereo Optical OPTEC-PLUS

Stereo Optical OPTEC PLUS Smart Vision Screener


Known as Visiosmart in Europe


Your practice requires a new generation of vision screening devices

The Stereo Optical OPTEC PLUS all-in-one digital vision screener enables quick, thorough and repeatable results in the pre-test room, saving valuable time in the exam lane.

Category :Vision Testing Products
Brand :Stereo Optical




New features include a user-friendly interface, an expanded library of tests with limitless customization including auto-mode, randomization and protocols.

Testing distances: Near, Far and intermediate

Monocular and Binocular

Lighting conditions: day / night

Constant and homogeneous luminance levels with controlled lighting in accordance with the international standard

No training or certification

Lightweight and portable

PC or Tablet

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