Stereo Optical Vision Stereo Test and Color Test

Randot Preschool StereotestRandot Preschool Stereotest

Stereo Optical Vision Stereo Test and Color Test



Stereo Optical has designed and manufactured the Gold Standard of stereotests and color tests with trusted use and validation. These include the world-famous Stereo Fly Test and the unique Distance Randot® Stereotest. Stereotests are a quick and easy method to identify vision problems and test for stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression, strabismus, and color vision deficiency.

Category :Vision Testing Products
Brand :Stereo Optical



Original Stereo Fly Stereotest

Randot Stereotest

Butterfly Stereotest

Random Dot “E” Stereotest

Randot Preschool Stereotest

Distance Randot Stereotest

Original Randot Stereotest

Special Randot Stereotest

Stereo Fly Including LEA Symbols

Stereo Randot Including LEA Symbols

Stereo Butterfly Including LEA Symbols

Standard 3-D Viewers

Pediatric Polarized Viewers

Infant Polarized Viewers

Original Ishihara Color Tests


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