SunKingdom LS-7 LED Slitlamp

Sunkingdom LS-7 ExpertSunkingdom LS-7 Expert

SunKingdom LS-7 LED Slitlamp


LS-7 Digital Expert

LS-7 Standard

Category :Slit Lamp Microscope
Brand :SunKingdom


AC-powered slitlamp biomicroscope is intended for use in eye examination of the anterior eye segment, from the cornea epithelium to the posterior capsule. It is used to aid in the diagnosis of diseases or trauma which affect the structural properties of the anterior eye segment.

LS series slit lamp give the wonderful optical and mechanical performance. Provide most clearly and stereoscopic images for ophthalmologist and optician.




Haag-Streit type slit lamp with broad beam,wide field

Interface for laser and applanation tonometer.

High Pixel Imaging

Good Depth of Field

Professional Software for Image Analysis

5 Magnification

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