Takagi KM-1 LED Manual Keratometer

Takagi KM-1 LED KeratometerTakagi KM-1 LED Keratometer

Takagi KM-1 LED Manual Keratometer


Being superior in operate ability, an earth environment-friendly and economical model. Can exert a sufficient performance in ophthalmology and contact lens practice.

Category :Auto Refractor / Keratometer
Brand :Takagi




The light source changed from a conventional electric bulb type to an LED type which decreases CO2 emission and also reduces the electric power consumption.

The Sutcliff type KM-1 can easily measure the radius of curvature, astigmatic axis of the eye, etc.

The outstanding double external reading helps to read radius of curvature and refractive power at the same time.

The radius of corneal curvature, refractive power of cornea, and extent and axis of corneal astigmatism can be measured.

The KM-1 can be set up very easily on any type of instrument table because the base is integrated.

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