Takagi Operating Microscope OM-9 LED


Takagi Operating Microscope OM-9 LED


OM-9 is a new Compact High-performance Operating Microscope delivering high efficiency and versatile functionality, complete with new state of the art LED light source.

Category :Operating Surgical Microscope
Brand :Takagi


OM-9 is the perfect choice giving complete product satisfaction to the operator, and offering the highest level of patient safety.

Renewed Design
Most cables are concealed minimizing dust attachments and reducing interference between operator and instrument. Cables for connecting an imaging system can also be concealed, achieving a sleek stylish hygienic design. New product color scheme adds to the overall high quality feeling.

Use of High-luminance LED light source
New red reflex illumination combined with a high luminance LED gives OM-9 a brighter reflected light from the fundus.

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