Takagi TD-10 Digital Camera & EyeCAM Imaging System

Takagi TD-10Takagi TD-10

Takagi TD-10 Digital Camera & EyeCAM Imaging System


TD-10 / EyeCAM Digital Camera & Image Filing Software

Ultra high resolution USB 3.0 with 28 frames per second, DICOM compatible EyeCam software, and integrated yellow filter


Category :Medical Healthcare Informatics
Brand :Takagi



Use of Ultra High Resolution 10.7 Mega Pixel Camera


Use of Ultra High Resolution 10.7 Mega Pixel Camera with 3856 x 2764 picture size, delivering 7.4 times higher-resolution compared to the previous digital camera of TD-1plus.


USB 3.0 Connection Interface


By changing to the new USB 3.0 interface, data transfer speed is now approximately 6.4 times faster than that of the previous IEEE 1394b fire-wire interface. Stress-free high-resolution live images are made possible.


User Friendly Software with DICOM Compatibility

User friendly software with patient database, full image editing facility, and DICOM compatibility.


Neat Digital Imaging System with hidden cables


In combination with our LED slit lamps minimum cables for TD-10 are exposed as they can be quickly and neatly concealed in the slit lamp’s arm..


Yellow Filter Built in as Standard


High-contrast images are easily obtained by using the built-in yellow filter for corneal fluorescein observation. In conjunction with our slit lamps cobalt blue filter even higher-contrast images can be achieved.


Capturing of Still Images with One Push

In combination with our supplied trigger cable, still images can be captured instantly and conveniently by pressing the joystick button of the slit lamp. Captured images can be displayed as thumbnail images in the lower part of the screen for evaluation.

New EyeCAM Main Screen Design

The conventional image filing software & patient database have been further upgraded for more ease of use and intuitive handling by reviewing each icon while maintaining the convenient functionality.


Easy Capture with Six Pre-stored Eye Settings

Setting of the digital camera can be changed and saved easily with six types of scene files according to the eye condition and image type required. Use our presaved recommended settings or simply adjust each pre-set to your own desired level for very fast and convenient high quality image acquisition.

Convenient Comparison Functions for Follow-up 

Newly captured images and images taken in past examinations can be displayed on the same screen. Up to six images can be displayed and compared at once.

Combination with background illumination system

In combination with our background illumination device, a more comprehensive explanation is made possible to the patient.

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