TMS-5 in TableTMS-5 in Table


Available in Philippines Only
Category :Schiemflug Camera
Brand :Tomey

PlacidoTopography verifies Scheimpflug imaging

High resolution

Anterioir + posterior map

Pachymetry map

Anterior chamber depth

Highg speed measurement: 0.5 sec.

Operates in all light conditions

Light condition independent measurement analysis:

Due to its superior light cone design and the resulting very short working distance, the TMS-5 creates its own
measurement environment – for both, topography and Scheimpflug imaging. The great advantage is that both
measurements work independently of the surrounding light conditions.

High speed measurement:

The very small diameter of the TMS-5 light cone makes the travelling distance of the Scheimpflug measurement
camera also much shorter than conventional placido disc based systems. As a result, the measurement time is
extremely reduced. Therefore any artefacts caused by eye movements are minimised to an optimum.

Advanced IOL calculation:

The topographic map achieved by the TMS-5 can be transferred to the OKULIX software. OKULIX runs as a standard
application to the TMS-5 and provides an easy way of IOL power calculation without using traditional formulas.
By means of Ray tracing OKULIX precisely calculates the necessary IOL power in all eye conditions even after
refractive surgery or keratoplasty.



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