Xpand Amblyz™ Electronic Eye Occluder

Xpand AmblyzXpand Amblyz

Xpand Amblyz™ Electronic Eye Occluder


Electronic Glasses for Amblyopia Treatment

Category :Low Vision Aid
Brand :Xpand

The Amblyz glasses from XPAND, a company better known for 3D movie glasses, offer visual occlusion without the anxiety of eye drops or the embarrassment of patches.

The Amblyz eyewear can be programmed to occlude either eye on a predefined schedule, while the lenses themselves are made to fit the vision prescription of the individual child. This provides both vision correction and occlusion in an attractive package that kids should be a lot more compliant with.

Eyewear Amblyz Xpand-for-Amblyopia White Orange, size and shape Round. The frame is made of plastic and color sand white orange.
Combine them with your prescription lenses FREE or select you lenses of choice among a vast selection of quality prescription lenses, in unbeatable prices.

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