Ziemer GALILEI G6 Lens Professional

Ziemer G6Ziemer G6

Ziemer GALILEI G6 Lens Professional

Category :Optical Biometer,Schiemflug Camera
Brand :Ziemer


Placido Topography


Highly accurate anterior curvature data

Precise detection of anterior surface irregularities and tearfilm quality

Optical Biometry


State-of-the-art biometry measuring axial and intraocular distances in one exam session

Lens thickness and precise anterior and posterior corneal power maps for next generation IOL planning

Dual Scheimpflug Tomography


Precise pachymetry and elevation data

3D anterior chamber analysis

Ray-traced posterior corneal surface data to detect bulging and asymmetry in early stages


High confidence premium IOL selection

The GALILEI G6 offers a link to the ray-tracing software packages PhacoOptics and Okulix.

By taking into account the true physical properties of the eye and total corneal astigmatism, ray-tracing is the ideal tool for precise toric IOL planning.

Corneal incision planning

With high definition pachymetry, high order aberrations and total corneal astigmatism data, GALILEI G6 offers a complete set for a precise planning and positioning of arcuate incisions for astigmatism correction in conjunction with cataract surgery.

IOL selection for post-refractive cases

GALILEI G6 is the first device on the market to combine the actual refractive data of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces with intraocular distances and axial length measurements. With this complete dataset an exact ray-tracing of the eye can be performed to achieve accurate IOL power calculation in post-LASIK and long or short eyes.

In addition, the incorporated Shammas no-history formula for post-refractive cases enables a reliable IOL prediction even if no clinical history is available.


Complete topographic screening

The GALILEI G6 Lens Professional also enables you to perform a complete topographic screening for refractive surgery.

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